Rwj Barnabas Health Inc

The information for Rwj Barnabas Health Inc is as of the organization's most recent filing in December '18. This organization is located in Livingston, NJ. It has been in existence for 34 years, following its founding in 1984.

Organization Classification

The IRS classifies organizations according to the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) system. The NTEE system helps the IRS assign a 3-character code to each organization to describe the organization's activities.

Rwj Barnabas Health Inc's NTEE code is E22. The "E" tells us that the organization is classified along with Health Care. The "22" tells us that the organization is a General Hospitals. The NTEE describes General Hospitals as health care facilities that are licensed to operate twenty-four hours per day and offer diagnostic and treatment services as well as emergency and critical care services for people who have illnesses or injuries which require immediate, short-term intervention.

Every organization is also governed by a specific section of the Internal Revenue Code. The most common type is a 501(c)(3) organization. However, there are actually 29 different types of organizations that are identified by the Internal Revenue Code. This organization happens to be a 501(c)(3) organization. The IRS describes these organizations as those engaged in Religious, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Literary, Public Safety, Amateur Sports, or Prevention of Cruelty to Children or Animals work.

Perhaps the most accurate way to get a sense of what the organization hopes to achieve is by looking at its mission. The mission of Rwj Barnabas Health Inc is to pursue the delivery of primary, secondary and tertiary health services while consistently meeting the highest quality of care and meeting the customers' expectations and satisfaction.

Program Areas

Program Area 1: Expenses incurred in providing medically necessary oncology services to individuals in a non-discriminatory manner are reported in this fund, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, national origin or ability to pay. During 2018 there were 15,084 encounters, as detailed in the organization's Community Benefit Statement in Schedule O.

Program Area 2: This program provides medically necessary cardiovascular services to all individuals in a non-discriminatory manner, regardless of race, color, creed, sex, national origin or ability to pay. During 2018, there were 18,503 encounters, as detailed in Schedule O of the organization's community benefit statement.

Program Area 3: This program area covers the expenses incurred in providing medically necessary general surgery services to individuals of all backgrounds. In 2018, there were 3,909 encounters, and further details can be found in the organization's Community Benefit Statement on Schedule O.

Organization Staffing

Rwj Barnabas Health Inc is run by Stephen P Zieniewicz Fache, who is the Trustee - CEO. The organization has 4,970 employees, of whom nearly 700 are paid more than $100k per year (according to the organization's most recent 990 tax filing). Supporting the paid staff are more than 628 volunteers.

Board Governance

Rwj Barnabas Health Inc is an exemplary non-profit organization when it comes to governance. With 21 voting members and 16 independent members, the board is able to make informed decisions without potential conflicts of interest. The organization has also taken the necessary steps to ensure that board and committee meetings are documented and that there are policies in place to address conflicts of interest and whistleblower protection. Furthermore, the organization has a document retention policy, substantiates and reviews leadership and officer salaries, and provides copies of the 990 to the board prior to filing. These steps demonstrate that Rwj Barnabas Health Inc takes corporate governance seriously and is committed to transparency and accountability.

Organization Growth

Rwj Barnabas Health Inc has seen growth over the given time period. Program Service Revenue and Total Revenue both increased, as well as Employee Salaries and Total Expenses. Total Employees also increased, demonstrating that the nonprofit has grown in size. However, Contributions & Grants Received and Investment Income both decreased, as well as Total Volunteers.

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Outside Vendors & Contractors

Vendor Name (Service)Compensation
Sodexo Incorporated And Affiliates
Sbc Management Corporation
Nj Organ And Tissue Sharing Network
Organ Procurement
Wm Blanchard Co
Barnabas Health Inc
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Financial Statements

Statement of Revenue
Federated campaigns$0
Membership dues$0
Fundraising events$868,969
Related organizations$0
Government grants $652,458
All other contributions, gifts, grants, and similar amounts not included above$1,810,103
Noncash contributions included in lines 1a–1f $29,161
Total Revenue from Contributions, Gifts, Grants & Similar$3,331,530
Total Program Service Revenue$862,628,325
Investment income $465,722
Tax Exempt Bond Proceeds $0
Royalties $0
Net Rental Income $4,329,031
Net Gain/Loss on Asset Sales -$13,018
Net Income from Fundraising Events $0
Net Income from Gaming Activities $27,550
Net Income from Sales of Inventory $0
Miscellaneous Revenue$0
Total Revenue $871,885,801

Grants Recieved

Over the last fiscal year, we have identified 2 grants that Rwj Barnabas Health Inc has recieved totaling $60,140.

Awarding OrganizationAmount
Jewish Communal Fund

New York, NY

PURPOSE: General support

American Online Giving Foundation Inc

Newark, DE


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Endowment Analysis

Beg. Balance$32,018,000
Ending Balance$31,247,000

Peer Organizations

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