Market Intelligence forNonprofit Service Providers

We help salespeople find organizations that fit their client profile, identify decision-makers, and uncover partnership opportunities.

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Specifically Built for:

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You help nonprofits make the world better...

We help you find your future customers

Find, vet, and research nonprofit organizations that fit your client profile. All the tools you need without spreadsheets or the need for an internal data guru.

Multi-Factor Search

Search for organizations that specifically match your ideal client profile.

Indepth Organization Data

Board members, key employees, financials all at your fingertips without opening a 990 filing.

Centers of Influence

Quickly identify influential service providers & members of the community.

Partnership Opportunities

Find accounting firms who already have realtionships with your target clients.

Visualize Your Market

Quickly visualize markets with our unique mapping tools .

Unlimited Data Export

We get it - sometimes analysis is easier in Excel or you need to populate your CRM.

How We Make Our Data Work For You

As former service providers who worked with foundation & endowment clients, we understand the challenge of getting your offer infront of the right people at the right organizations. Find out how we tackle the issue.

X-Ray Vision into Your Market

Easily define the characteristics of your target customers and instantly see all of the organizations that fit your client profile and where they are located.

Vet an Organization in Minutes

Quickly investigate whether an organization is a fit for your business. We've distilled financials, board & key employee information, vendors, peers, and a host of other data points down into easy-to-review tear sheets that allow you to make informed decisions in minutes instead of hours.

Understand the Relationships at Play

Relationships are a key driver of success in the non-profit space for both service providers and the organizations they serve. Our software is specifically designed to focus on the relationships between board members, organizations, and service providers so that you can get in front of the right people.

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Insightful Data

That Drives Valuable Decisions

Managing the tidal wave of public data constantly pouring out of government agencies is a herculean task when you're trying to run a business. Don't waste time on data management - spend your time building relationships with new opportunities.

1.5 million OrgsData on 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the US

130k Tax PreparersSee inside the client lists of every prepaper that works with nonprofits

5 Million PeopleUnique insight into relationships across 5 million individuals

700kContact Information for 700k decision makers at nonprofit organizations.