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Getting your message in front of the right people is often the difference between meeting your sales goals and spinning your wheels. Our unique nonprofit discovery tools make it easy for you to identify the organizations that have the most to gain from your offer.

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We Know the Pain

Opaque Markets for Nonprofit Sales Reps

Identifying prospect fit is hard when you don't have good data about the organizations in your market.

If you serve nonprofit organizations, then you're probably aware that data is out there - in fact, the IRS makes most of the necessary information 100% free. While a PDF copy of a 990 filing is excellent when you're vetting a single target, it quickly becomes impossible to read every filing for all of the organizations in your market.

We know this pain. Before Intellispect, our founders worked as investment advisors to foundation and endowment clients. They regularly faced the challenges of identifying new opportunities in their market and effectively leveraging their existing relationships.

The pain they faced and their ideas around how to solve that pain turned into Intellispect.

Nonprofit Sales Take Time

Nonprofits are Different

Selling to nonprofits is different than selling to for-profit companies. Patience and relationships are far more important.

Service contracts that reach five figures and above are likely to be subject to input from many people at the organization. These decisions usually require approval from either a board or a committee made up of volunteers. Further, high-value contracts are much more likely to be subject to a formal RFP process.

Volunteer boards and committees are essential for ensuring that nonprofit organizations stay true to their missions and operate effectively. However, they can also slow decision-making within organizations.

Because decisions require additional formality and education of less sophisticated volunteers, it's vitally important to build relationships with organizations before they've started thinking about either changing providers or adding a new provider to their operations.

This relationship-building allows you to build trust and educate organizations about services they need without facing the barriers that arise during a hard sales pitch.

The Inputs to the Relationship Building Process

Building the Right Relationships

Relationship building is a time-consuming effort. To generate trust, you need to provide tailored advice and thought leadership. To tailor your messaging you need to familiarize yourself with the personalities and needs of target organizations.

We exist to maximize your effort.

We break down the prospect discovery process into three distinct domains.

  • Target Organization Discovery
  • Decision Maker Identification
  • Center of Influence Detection

The first two are specific to finding organizations that are a fit for your business and making contact with the right people inside of those organizations. The third offers an avenue to build relationships with complementary service providers that can provide warm introductions and referrals to organizations you want to work with.

Market Discovery

Search on Your Terms

If you want to grow your sales pipeline quickly, you need a strategy to find organizations that fit your client profile. For many, that strategy consists of waiting for customers to show up at their door.

We provide the tools you need to search for new prospects actively. We aggregate data on all nonprofit organizations so that you can quickly identify the organizations that need your services.

We give you the tools to:

  • Define the characteristics of your ideal customer
  • Define your target location
  • Quickly view and map matching organizations

We provide the x-ray vision that allows you to take the initiative and begin building relationships with organizations that need your services.

See it in Action

We make a limited functionality version of our search tool freely available, which you can check out here.

Find the organizations

that matter to you.

A Focus on Relationships

With new insight into the opportunities present in your market, the next challenge we help you tackle is getting your message in front of the right people.

Finding influential board members, key employees, or even building a network of complementary service providers allows you to speak directly to those who can affect change and make decisions.

Intellispect provides you with the information you need to identify key decision-makers and influential 3rd parties so that you know exactly the path you need to take to get your message across.

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