Catholic High School Foundation Inc

Organization Overview

Catholic High School Foundation Inc is located in Little Rock, AR. The organization was established in 1972. According to its NTEE Classification (B11) the organization is classified as: Single Organization Support, under the broad grouping of Education and related organizations. This organization is an independent organization and not affiliated with a larger national or regional group of organizations.

For the year ending 06/2018, Catholic High School Foundation Inc generated $1.0m in total revenue. This organization has experienced exceptional growth, as over the past 4 years, it has increased revenue by an average of 15.5% each year . All expenses for the organization totaled $691.9k during the year ending 06/2018. While expenses have increased by 7.1% per year over the past 4 years. They've been increasing with an increasing level of total revenue. You can explore the organizations financials more deeply in the financial statements section below.

Limited Data Available: This organization filed their most recent 990 in paper format. This filing methodology limits the information that can be extracted from the filing.

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Financial Statements

Statement of Revenue
Total Revenue from Contributions, Gifts, Grants & Similar$594,685
Investment income $257,720
Tax Exempt Bond Proceeds $0
Royalties $0
Net Rental Income $0
Net Gain/Loss on Asset Sales $209,785
Net Income from Fundraising Events -$17,369
Net Income from Gaming Activities $0
Net Income from Sales of Inventory $0
Miscellaneous Revenue$0
Total Revenue $1,044,821

Grants Recieved

Over the last fiscal year, we have identified 3 grants that Catholic High School Foundation Inc has recieved totaling $25,100.

Awarding OrganizationAmount
Bob@carver Charitable Trust

Mena, AR


Bank Of America Charitable Foundation Inc

Charlotte, NC


Bank Of America Charitable Foundation Inc

Charlotte, NC


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