Omni Behavioral Health

The information for Omni Behavioral Health is as of the organization's most recent filing in December '21. This organization is located in Omaha, NE. It has been in existence for 27 years, following its founding in 1994.

Organization Classification

The IRS classifies organizations according to the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) system. The NTEE system helps the IRS assign a 3-character code to each organization to describe the organization's activities.

Omni Behavioral Health is a philanthropy, voluntarism, and grantmaking foundation classified under the NTEE code T30. As a public foundation, Omni Behavioral Health primarily derives its funding and support from the general public to carry out social, educational, religious, and other charitable activities for the common welfare. While they may provide direct charitable services, their main focus is on grantmaking. Omni Behavioral Health is also classified under section code 3, which encompasses religious, educational, charitable, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, amateur sports, and prevention of cruelty to children or animals organizations, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code.

Program Areas

Program Area 1: Development Disability Services - This program area includes group home services, extended family homes, and vocational services for individuals with developmental disabilities. In the community group home setting, individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and behavioral health impairments reside in a home setting embedded within the community. Skilled staff members provide ongoing habilitation and behavioral supports. Extended family homes provide a community-based family setting for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, including those with a mental health diagnosis. Vocational services enhance employment skills through supported employment and vocational habilitation at various locations in the Omaha area. Job coaches provide on-site support to help individuals obtain and maintain competitive jobs in the general workforce.

Program Area 2: Omni Behavioral Health's Therapeutic Foster Care program provides out-of-home placement for a wide variety of youth, including victims of abuse and neglect, emergency short-term care, and youth with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. The program aims to reunify the youth with their family, establish guardianship or adoption, or promote independent living. Care is delivered in private homes by specially trained foster parents, who receive support from Omni Foster Care specialists. Additional therapeutic support is provided to both the biological and foster families, as well as the youth in their care. Omni has a successful track record of serving the community by supporting schools, child care, and various events and activities.

Program Area 3: Omni Behavioral Health operates a group living facility for youth aged 14-19 who require intensive community-based treatments. This facility is specifically designed to serve a wide range of youth with mood disorders and co-occurring disorders such as substance abuse, chronic physical illness, learning disabilities, and problems related to sexual acting out. The highly structured program provides monitoring, surveillance, and supervision to help youth learn socially adaptive behaviors for successful community living. Treatment approaches include cognitive-behavioral treatment, medication-supported treatments, psychosocial training, exposure-based treatment procedures, and individual, family, and group therapy. The program aims to create a therapeutic environment where youth can develop emotional and behavioral control, social skills, academic habits, self-care, and pre-vocational skills. The overall objective is to provide a stimulating and enriched environment that supports successful integration into the community and family reunification.

Program Area 4: The Other Program Services within the organization include the Omni Eating Disorder Clinic Program, which offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment for eating disorders. Omni Behavioral Health specializes in community-based mental health services and provides compassionate and confidential care. In addition to eating disorder treatment, Omni also offers intensive in-home services to at-risk children and families, with a focus on preserving family unity and providing necessary support and resources. These services are provided in the same geographic area as Omni's foster care services.

Organization Staffing

Omni Behavioral Health is run by William Reay, who is the President and CEO. The organization has 216 employees, with only 3 employees being paid over $100k per year. Additionally, there are 4 volunteers who support the work of the organization.

Board Governance

Omni Behavioral Health, a non-profit organization, appears to be well-governed based on the provided information. The organization has a small board of 5 voting members, with 4 independent members, indicating a balanced and diverse representation. This suggests that decision-making within the organization is likely to be fair and impartial. One positive aspect of Omni Behavioral Health's governance is the absence of potential conflicts of interest. This indicates that board members are not involved in any activities that could compromise their ability to act in the best interest of the organization. Furthermore, the organization has a conflict of interest policy in place, which requires disclosure of any conflicts that may arise. This policy ensures transparency and accountability among board members. Additionally, the organization demonstrates good governance practices by documenting board meetings, allowing for transparency and accountability in decision-making processes. However, it is worth noting that committee meetings are not documented, which could potentially limit the visibility of their activities. Omni Behavioral Health also demonstrates a commitment to financial integrity by having a document retention policy and substantiating and reviewing leadership and officer's salaries. This ensures that the organization's financial practices are transparent and accountable. One area where Omni Behavioral Health could improve its governance is by implementing a written whistleblower policy. Such a policy would provide a mechanism for individuals to report any unethical or illegal activities within the organization, ensuring a culture of accountability and transparency. Overall, based on the provided information, Omni Behavioral Health appears to be well-governed, with several positive governance practices in place.

Organization Growth

Omni Behavioral Health, a nonprofit organization, has experienced growth over the given time period. The organization's program service revenue increased from $13.0 million in 2015 to $23.3 million in 2021, indicating an upward trend. Additionally, their investment income also grew from $25.4 thousand in 2015 to $132.7 thousand in 2021. This demonstrates an increase in financial resources for the organization. Furthermore, their total revenue increased from $13.1 million in 2015 to $23.5 million in 2021, indicating overall growth in their financial stability. Employee salaries also saw an increase from $7.2 million in 2015 to $8.7 million in 2021, suggesting an expansion in their workforce. However, the total number of employees decreased from 262 in 2015 to 216 in 2021. Overall, despite the decrease in employee count, Omni Behavioral Health has experienced growth in various aspects, including revenue and program services.

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Board, Officers & Key Employees

Name (title)Compensation
William Reay
President, CEO
Morgan Kelly
Megan Reay
Vice President
Mack Greder
Barbara Huff
Calvin Garbin

Outside Vendors & Contractors

Vendor Name (Service)Compensation
Arthur Boults
Efh Provider
Kevin Williams
Subcare Contractor
Terrance Badgett
Efh Provider
Joshua White
Efh Provider
Renault Brown
Efh Provider
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Financial Statements

Statement of Revenue
Federated campaigns$0
Membership dues$0
Fundraising events$0
Related organizations$0
Government grants $0
All other contributions, gifts, grants, and similar amounts not included above$0
Noncash contributions included in lines 1a–1f $0
Total Revenue from Contributions, Gifts, Grants & Similar$0
Total Program Service Revenue$23,344,285
Investment income $73,739
Tax Exempt Bond Proceeds $0
Royalties $0
Net Rental Income $0
Net Gain/Loss on Asset Sales $59,006
Net Income from Fundraising Events $0
Net Income from Gaming Activities $0
Net Income from Sales of Inventory $0
Miscellaneous Revenue$0
Total Revenue $23,477,571

Grants Recieved

Over the last fiscal year, we have identified 1 grants that Omni Behavioral Health has recieved totaling $40.

Awarding OrganizationAmount
Amazonsmile Foundation

Seattle, WA


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