The Windward School

The information for The Windward School is as of the organization's most recent filing in June '21. This organization is located in White Plains, NY. It has been in existence for 66 years, following its founding in 1955.

Organization Classification

The IRS classifies organizations according to the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) system. The NTEE system helps the IRS assign a 3-character code to each organization to describe the organization's activities.

The Windward School's NTEE code is B28. The "B" tells us that the organization is classified along with Education. The "28" tells us that the organization is focused on Special Education. The NTEE describes organizations in this category as providing educational services, including special placement and individualized programming, for children and youth who require modified curricula and teaching methodologies due to disabilities or giftedness. The Windward School is a 501(c)(3) organization, classified under the IRS C Section Code 3, which encompasses Religious, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Literary, Public Safety, Amateur Sports, and Prevention of Cruelty to Children or Animals Organizations. The mission of The Windward School is to remediate students' dyslexia or other language-based learning disabilities and return them to mainstream schools.

Program Areas

Program Area 1: Within the education program, Windward provides specialized instruction to 944 students across four campuses who struggle with language-based learning disabilities (LBLD). These students have average to above-average intelligence and are taught with a research-based, internationally recognized methodology focused on achieving language proficiency. Windward's curriculum is multisensory in nature, giving students the necessary skills to succeed in school and confidently transition back to mainstream settings. Throughout grades 1-9, students enter and leave Windward at various points, and after completing the program, 98% of students return to mainstream schools.

Program Area 2: The Windward Institute (WI) is a division of and serves The Windward School and the broader community. The WI provides professional development, forms partnerships with leading education institutions, advocates for students with language-based learning disabilities, and expands The Windward School's reputation and expertise. The WI produces a biannual print and digital publication, The Beacon, which is distributed to over 10,000 subscribers and provides research and thought leadership around language-based learning disabilities, child development, pedagogy, and learning theory. Additionally, the WI holds in-person and virtual courses, workshops, and lectures benefiting over 2,000 individuals seeking professional or personal development. The mission of the WI is to increase childhood literacy rates by disrupting the educational status quo to save more lives.

Organization Staffing

The Windward School is led by Patty Wolff, who serves as the President. The organization has a total of 492 employees, with 57 employees earning over $100k per year. Additionally, the organization benefits from the support of 50 volunteers.

Board Governance

The Windward School, a non-profit organization, appears to be well-governed based on the information provided. With 25 voting members, all of whom are independent, the organization demonstrates a commitment to ensuring diverse perspectives and avoiding potential conflicts of interest. The absence of potential conflicts of interest further strengthens the organization's governance structure. Notably, the organization has not delegated management to an outside firm, indicating a hands-on approach to overseeing operations. This suggests that the board is actively engaged in decision-making and holds a significant level of responsibility. The documentation of board meetings is a positive sign, as it indicates transparency and accountability within the organization. However, the lack of documentation for committee meetings may be an area for improvement, as committee meetings often involve crucial discussions and decisions. The presence of conflict of interest policy and the requirement for disclosure of conflicts demonstrate the organization's commitment to ethical conduct and avoiding any improprieties. Additionally, the existence of a whistleblower policy and a document retention policy further enhances the organization's governance practices. The substantiation and review of leadership and officer's salaries indicate that the organization is committed to ensuring fair compensation practices. Moreover, providing copies of the 990 to the board prior to filing showcases a commitment to transparency and allows for board oversight. Overall, The Windward School appears to have a well-governed structure, with several policies and practices in place to ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct. The organization's commitment to avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining strong financial oversight further strengthens its governance.

Organization Growth

The Windward School, a nonprofit organization, has experienced significant growth over the given time period. Contributions & Grants Received increased from $6.3M in 2014 to $10.3M in 2020. Program Service Revenue also saw a substantial increase, rising from $29.8M in 2014 to $59.0M in 2020. Investment Income grew from $3.1M in 2014 to $4.8M in 2020, and Other Revenue increased from $94.4K in 2014 to $235.3K in 2020. The organization's Total Revenue rose from $39.3M in 2014 to $74.4M in 2020. Additionally, Grants Paid increased from $3.0M in 2014 to $7.4M in 2020, and Employee Salaries grew from $20.2M in 2014 to $36.2M in 2020. Total Expenses also experienced significant growth, rising from $30.6M in 2014 to $62.1M in 2020. The number of Total Employees increased from 268 in 2014 to 492 in 2020, indicating organizational growth. However, the number of Total Volunteers decreased from 98 in 2014 to 50 in 2020. Overall, The Windward School has grown in terms of financial resources, staff, and operations, but experienced a decline in volunteer involvement.

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Outside Vendors & Contractors

Vendor Name (Service)Compensation
Citadel Ny Inc
Peter Gisolfi Associates Llp
Schulte Roth Zabel Llp
Community Counseling Service Co Llc
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Financial Statements

Statement of Revenue
Federated campaigns$0
Membership dues$0
Fundraising events$0
Related organizations$0
Government grants $2,000,000
All other contributions, gifts, grants, and similar amounts not included above$8,291,044
Noncash contributions included in lines 1a–1f $823,517
Total Revenue from Contributions, Gifts, Grants & Similar$10,291,044
Total Program Service Revenue$59,039,176
Investment income $18,062
Tax Exempt Bond Proceeds $0
Royalties $0
Net Rental Income $0
Net Gain/Loss on Asset Sales $4,779,393
Net Income from Fundraising Events $0
Net Income from Gaming Activities $0
Net Income from Sales of Inventory $0
Miscellaneous Revenue$0
Total Revenue $74,362,935

Grants Recieved

Over the last fiscal year, we have identified 2 grants that The Windward School has recieved totaling $11,000.

Awarding OrganizationAmount
The Ann And Murray Spain Foundation Under Deed Of Trust 10-06-2000

Southampton, PA


The Huether Foundation Inc

Phoenix, MD


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Endowment Analysis

Beg. Balance$8,203,395
Net Contributions$2,957,515
Other Expense$363,150
Ending Balance$14,174,050

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