Vuilemenot Margaret E C Rev Trust

Organization Overview

Vuilemenot Margaret E C Rev Trust is located in Bedford, NH. The organization was established in 2002. According to its NTEE Classification (T90) the organization is classified as: Named Trusts N.E.C., under the broad grouping of Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Grantmaking Foundations and related organizations. This organization is an independent organization and not affiliated with a larger national or regional group of organizations. Vuilemenot Margaret E C Rev Trust is a 501(c)(3) and as such, is described as a "Charitable or Religous organization or a private foundation" by the IRS.

For the year ending 12/2021, Vuilemenot Margaret E C Rev Trust generated $102.7k in total revenue. This organization has experienced exceptional growth, as over the past 5 years, it has increased revenue by an average of 31.6% each year . All expenses for the organization totaled $58.8k during the year ending 12/2021. You can explore the organizations financials more deeply in the financial statements section below.

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Financial Statements

Statement of Revenue
Contributions, Gifts, Grants & Similar $0
Interest on Savings $0
Dividends & Interest $20,329
Net Rental Income$0
Net Gain on Sale of Assets $82,410
Capital Gain Net Income $82,410
Net ST Capital Gain $0
Income Modifications $0
Profit on Inventory Sales $0
Other Income $0
Total Revenue $102,739

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