Dexter Southfield Inc

The information for Dexter Southfield Inc is as of the organization's most recent filing in June '22. This organization is located in Brookline, MA. It has been in existence for 81 years, following its founding in 1941.

Organization Classification

The IRS classifies organizations according to the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) system. The NTEE system helps the IRS assign a 3-character code to each organization to describe the organization's activities.

Dexter Southfield Inc's NTEE code is B24. The "B" tells us that the organization is classified as Education. The "24" tells us that the organization is classified as Primary & Elementary Schools. According to the NTEE description, Primary & Elementary Schools are schools classified as elementary by state and local practice and composed of any span of grades not above grade eight, including preschools and kindergartens if they are an integral part of an elementary school or a regularly established school system. Dexter Southfield Inc is also a 501(c)(3) organization, as indicated by its C Section Code. The IRS describes these organizations as those engaged in Religious, Educational, Charitable, Scientific, Literary, Public Safety, Amateur Sports, or Prevention of Cruelty to Children or Animals work. The mission of Dexter Southfield Inc is to help boys and girls develop their individual talents and build an ethical foundation for life. Students learn to lead with confidence, serve with compassion, and live by the motto, "Our Best Today, Better Tomorrow."

Program Areas

Program Area 1: The school provides elementary and secondary college preparatory education to boys and girls in grades pre-kindergarten through 12.

Program Area 2: The school provides students aid in the form of grants for qualifying students who would otherwise be unable to attend the school.

Program Area 3: The school provides services to the community through its summer day camps and other educational outreach programs.

Organization Staffing

Dexter Southfield Inc has 416 employees, with 33 of them being paid over $100k according to the organization's most recent 990 tax filing. Supporting the paid staff are 100 volunteers.

Board Governance

Dexter Southfield Inc, a non-profit organization, appears to be well-governed based on the provided information. The organization has a total of 28 voting members, all of whom are independent. This suggests a diverse and unbiased decision-making process within the board, which is crucial for effective governance. Furthermore, the absence of potential conflicts of interest is a positive indicator of the organization's commitment to ethical practices. This demonstrates that the board members are solely focused on the organization's mission and objectives, rather than personal gain. The fact that Dexter Southfield Inc has not delegated management to an outside firm suggests that the organization retains control over its operations, allowing for greater transparency and accountability. This also indicates that the board members are actively involved in overseeing the organization's activities. The documentation of board meetings is another positive aspect of Dexter Southfield Inc's governance. This ensures that decisions and discussions are recorded and can be referred to in the future, promoting transparency and accountability. However, it is worth noting that committee meetings are not documented, which could be an area for improvement. Documenting committee meetings would provide a clearer record of the organization's decision-making processes and enhance transparency. Dexter Southfield Inc's commitment to ethical practices is evident through its conflict of interest policy, which requires disclosure of conflicts and its written whistleblower policy. These policies demonstrate the organization's dedication to preventing and addressing any potential misconduct or ethical breaches. The presence of a document retention policy further indicates the organization's commitment to proper record-keeping and compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, the organization's practice of substantiating and reviewing leadership and officer's salaries suggests a responsible approach to financial management and accountability. Lastly, the fact that Dexter Southfield Inc provides copies of the 990 to the board prior to filing indicates that the organization prioritizes transparency in its financial reporting. Overall, based on the provided information, Dexter Southfield Inc appears to be well-governed, with a focus on transparency, accountability, and ethical practices.

Organization Growth

Dexter Southfield Inc, a nonprofit organization, has experienced significant growth over the given time period. Contributions & Grants Received increased from $2.4M in 2014 to $4.0M in 2021. Program Service Revenue also saw a notable increase from $31.4M in 2014 to $54.5M in 2021. Total Revenue, which includes both contributions/grants and program service revenue, grew from $36.1M in 2014 to $60.2M in 2021. Employee Salaries also increased from $16.9M in 2014 to $25.9M in 2021. Additionally, the organization saw an increase in Total Employees, rising from 301 in 2014 to 416 in 2021. However, there was a decrease in Total Volunteers, declining from 105 in 2014 to 100 in 2021. Overall, despite the decrease in volunteers, the organization has shown significant growth in terms of revenue, contributions/grants received, program service revenue, employee salaries, and total employees.

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Outside Vendors & Contractors

Vendor Name (Service)Compensation
Compass Facility Servies Inc
Cleaning Services
Local Motion Of Boston Inc
Sage Dining Services Inc
Dining Services
Arcarchitectural Resources Cambridge I
Seven Sons Landscaping Inc
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Financial Statements

Statement of Revenue
Federated campaigns$0
Membership dues$0
Fundraising events$0
Related organizations$0
Government grants $0
All other contributions, gifts, grants, and similar amounts not included above$6,649,822
Noncash contributions included in lines 1a–1f $829,295
Total Revenue from Contributions, Gifts, Grants & Similar$6,649,822
Total Program Service Revenue$49,095,187
Investment income $579,810
Tax Exempt Bond Proceeds $0
Royalties $0
Net Rental Income $0
Net Gain/Loss on Asset Sales $2,113,511
Net Income from Fundraising Events $0
Net Income from Gaming Activities $0
Net Income from Sales of Inventory $0
Miscellaneous Revenue$0
Total Revenue $58,438,330

Grants Recieved

Over the last fiscal year, we have identified 32 grants that Dexter Southfield Inc has recieved totaling $383,974.

Awarding OrganizationAmount
Ayco Charitable Foundation

Cohoes, NY


Goldman Sachs Charitable Gift Fund

New York, NY


Goldman Sachs Charitable Gift Fund

New York, NY


Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust Inc

Indianapolis, IN


Schwab Charitable Fund

San Francisco, CA


Quonochontaug Foundation

Beverly, MA


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Endowment Analysis

Beg. Balance$51,927,033
Net Contributions$1,608,618
Other Expense$1,399,653
Ending Balance$46,918,325

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