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About This Report

Non-profit organizations, their directors, and their employees often face questions about compensation. These organizations walk a fine line between appropriately compensating the staff that drives their organization's mission forward and stretching their budget to achieve maximum impact.

To help these organizations and their stakeholders make informed decisions about compensation, we have built this completely free compensation analysis tool that aggregates compensation data for all form 990 filing organizations that electronically submit their returns to the IRS.

This dataset includes data points on nearly 100,000 non-profit employees who were compensated at least $1 during each organization's most recent filing period (2019-2020). We have manually classified each employee by role so that you can make informed judgments about compensation levels.

The Data

Organization Level Data

For each employee in our dataset, we are able to attach to them:

  • the size of the organization that employs them (in terms of Revenue & Budget),
  • the type of organization, according to

    IRS/NTEE Classifications

    , and
  • where the organization is located

This tool allows you to search for salary data across each of these dimensions so that you can aggregate data that is relevant to the context of your situation.

Employee Titles

While the IRS does not require organizations to list employee titles in a particular format, our team has gone through all of the employees in our dataset to organize each individual whose role falls into one of the most prevalent 13 categories. For each of these roles, we have also listed representative titles that organizations have listed for employees on their 990 filings.

Executive Director / CEO - Executive Director, CEO, President & CEO, Exec. Director, Co-Executive Director

Education Executive - Director of Education, Director of Training, Education Coordinator, VP of Education

Facilities Executive - Chief Facilities Officer, Facilities Director, Facilities Manager

Finance Executive - CFO, VP of Finance, Financial Officer, Director of Finance

HR Executive - HR Manager, Director of Human Resources, Regional Director of HR

Administration Executive - Administrator, Manager, General Manager, Administrative Director

IT Executive - VP of IT, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, Director of Info Systems

Operations Executive - VP of Operations, Chief Operations Officer, Head of Operations, Director of Operations

Program Executive - VP of Programs, Director of Programs, Program Coordinator

Legal Executive - General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, VP of Corporate Compliance

Marketing Executive - Marketing Director, VP of Public Relations, Communications Director

Business Executive - Business Executive, Business Development, Sales Director

Development Executive - Development Officer, Head of Development, Gifts Director